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Alstom and LM Wind Power to develop the longest wind turbine blades by 2012

LM Wind Powers and Alstom are planning to build the longest wind turbine blades for Alstom’s 6 MW wind turbines in Denmark.

read more... 14/02/2011


“Solar wind bridge” in Italy

A “solar wind bridge” project was recently presented at the Solar Highway competition in Italy designed by three Italian architects.

read more... 08/02/2011


“European wind energy” decreased in 2010

According to the EWEA data presented last week, wind energy in Europe went down by 10 percent as compared to the last year. Investments in wind power diminished from 13 billion euros last year to 12.7 billion euros this year.

read more... 04/02/2011


UK - leader in the offshore wind sector

The recently released report by the European Wind Energy Association has shown that UK is the leader in the offshore wind sector with a total installed capacity of 1,341 MW. UK is followed by the Denmark (854 MW), the Netherlands (249 MW), Belgium (195 MW) and Sweden (164 MW).

read more... 31/01/2011


French offshore wind tender of 13.62 billion dollars

On the 25th of January, France announced the beginning of the tender of 600 offshore wind turbines with a total capacity of 3GW in French waters.

read more... 27/01/2011