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Europe ‘powers towards decarbonisation by 2045’

Europe’s power sector could be fully decarbonised by as early as 2045.

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Daily (22.11.2018): Carbon prices jumped by over 5% on Wednesday in a strong auction

Oil prices were seen recovering on Wednesday, after U.S. government data indicated stronger demand for refined fuels. Nevertheless, concerns over increasing global crude supply are persisting.

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Daily (09.11.2018): Carbon prices gained 25% week-on-week to settle around the €20-level on Thursday in a tight session

Oil futures continued the bearish run on Thursday, on worries about global oversupply due to trade war between US and China, the world’s biggest economies. OPEC members stated that a reduction in outputs might be required. Brent crude significantly dropped by 2% to $70.65 a barrel. WTI crude also lost 1.6% to settle at $60.67 a barrel.

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Daily (08.11.18): Carbon prices surged by 6% around the 19-euro levels on Wednesday in a strong auction

Record U.S. crude production and increased concerns of a global oversupply put pressure on oil prices on Wednesday. US sanctions against Iran failed to support the market, as waivers have been offered to 8 eight countries, including three of the world's major importers, allowing them to continue acquiring Iranian crude for six months.

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Daily (05.11.2018): Carbon prices soared by almost 10% on Friday, tracking a bullish energy complex

Oil prices were slightly bearish on Friday, as President Donald Trump exempted several countries from sanctions against Iran, allowing them to continue purchasing Iranian crude for at least six months. Brent crude slipped by 0.1% to $72.83 a barrel. Meanwhile, WTI crude traded 0.9% lower at $63.14 a barrel.

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