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Consortium of energy giants to build ‘world’s first carbon capture and storage network’

The first phase of the project will see the capture of 1.5 million tonnes of CO2 per year and its permanent storage 2,500 metres below the seabed in the North Sea.

read more... 19/05/2020


Daily (08.05.2020): German Cal’21 power contract bounced by 1.3% on Thursday in tandem with stronger coal, carbon prices

Crude oil futures declined on Thursday amid doubts about the ability of oil giants to comply with their production quotas in an attempt to stabilize the market. Moreover, worries about economic recession, sluggish demand and oversupply eclipsed a rebound in Saudi Arabia’s official crude selling and an unexpected rise in Chinese exports last month.

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Carbon rebounds from 1-month low

Carbon prices on Monday afternoon rebounded from one-month lows touched in early trading amid some supportive technical signals and despite gas prices falling to new lows.

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Demand drop to “dwarf” impact of 2008 financial crisis – IEA

A drop in global energy demand this year will likely “dwarf” the impact of the 2008 financial crisis and slash carbon emissions by 8%, the International Energy Agency said on Thursday.

read more... 30/04/2020


Michigan switches on its ‘largest’ wind park

The park is part of a project involving four new wind parks that will come online in 2020 and avoid 1.2 million metric tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions annually.

read more... 27/04/2020