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TANAP will offer grants for some projects in Turkey

Certain projects in Turkey’s Gumushane province will obtain grants as part of the implementation of the Trans Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline (TANAP) project, as reported by Turkish media outlets.

read more... 06/03/2017


Engie hopes to lure global offers for Australian coal-fired power plant

France's Engie SA, trying to sell a coal-fired power station in Australia that could fetch $1 billion, estimates to attract more interest from international companies than local purchasers, its Asia Pacific manager declared.

read more... 27/02/2017


Flexible Business Energy Contracts: Pros & Cons [Infographic]

Volatility in the energy markets has been at unprecedented levels over recent years. The power and gas supply product offering from suppliers to business customers has increased.

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Germany connected to the grid 818MW in new offshore wind power in 2016

Last year, Germany connected to the grid 818MW of new offshore wind, bringing the total to 4.1GW, according to data offered by Deutsche WindGuard.

read more... 19/01/2017


Gas Interconnector Greece-Bulgaria receives five submit binding offers

Five binding offers have been submitted on a long-term basis for the binding phase of the market test for the gas interconnector Greece-Bulgaria, the joint venture in charge of the project said in a statement.

read more... 05/12/2016