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Coal to become more expensive than solar energy

According to some recent reports published by a Chinese blog and European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA) the solar power could become much cheaper than the traditional conservative coal by 2015, claiming that parts of Europe could see solar reach parity with coal by 2013.

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Dutch top court gives the green light to RWE’s coal-fired plant

The German utility, RWE has been allowed to continue limited construction of a 1,560 MW coal-fired plant after Netherlands' highest administrative court on Friday dismissed a request from environmentalists who said the company should lay down work until it has the required permits.

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Poland to apply a coal excise tax from 2012

The Polish government announced last week that it will submit an excise duty on thermal and coking coal next year.

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China reduced its energy consumption per unit of GDP by 4.01% in 2010

According to the latest data of the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), a drop of 4.01 percent of China's energy consumption per unit of gross domestic product occurred in 2010 as compared to the previous year.

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Shanghai thermal power broke the world record for the lowest coal consumption in its power generation

Shanghai No.3 power plant’s mega kilowatt power generators broke the world record for the lowest coal consumption for its electricity generation, having reached a coal consumption of 279.39 g per KWh for a power generation of 11 billion KWh during last year.

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