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Finland approves ban on coal for energy use from 2029

The Finnish parliament approved on Wednesday a government proposal to ban the use of coal to produce energy from May 1, 2029, a parliamentary official said on Thursday.

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Powerchina eyes construction of coal-fired power plant in Serbia

China's Power Construction Corporation (Powerchina) is interested in the construction of the Stavalj coal-fired power plant in Serbia, the vice president of its subsidiary Sichuan Electric Design and Consulting (SEDC), Zhong Xiaoping, has said.

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Coal exports from Belarus to Ukraine increase almost 1K times

According to the National Statistical Committee of Belarus, in just one year Belarus turned into a major exporter of coal: compared to 2017, in 2018, total exports of hard coal increased from 164.9 thousand tons to 853.9 thousand tons, and those of anthracite from 0.3 to 107.3 thousand tons.

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France mulls converting Cordemais coal power generators to biomass

The French government and utility EDF will study the possibility of converting the 1.2 gigawatts (GW) Cordemais coal power generators to burn biomass due to its importance in guaranteeing security of supply, the energy ministry said on Tuesday.

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Germany’s 2019 hard coal imports set to rise after its last two mines close

Germany is expected to import 45-million tons of hard coal in 2019,up roughly 1.4% from 2018 despite mounting competition from renewable energy, as the closure of domestic mines reduces domestic supply, importers say.

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