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Poland is interested on buying Enea’s Kozienice power plant

France’s GDF, EDF and Poland's Kulczyk Holding are the companies which agreed with the Poland government over buying 51 % shares of Enea utility, a deal which could cost over $1.8 billion.

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Sale of the UK power distribution networks approved by EDF

The sale of the UK electricity distribution networks of EDF group to the Cheung Kong group was approved by EDF’s Board of Directors on September 8th, following its final offer of 29 July, worth 3.2 billion sterling pounds in equity, meaning 6.8 billion Euros in net debt reduction for EDF.

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EDF to announce a two year delay for Flamanville start-up

EDF is about to announce a two-year delay of Flamanville reactor start-up, and a cost increase of 1 billion euros. The information was provided by unofficial sources.

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EDF and Areva advised to cooperate in nuclear sector

EDF and Areva, two French companies which compete in nuclear sector, are pushed by the French government to form a union in order to successfully compete on the booming nuclear world market.

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GDF Suez intends to buy electricity from EDF at 35 Euro per MWh

GDF Suez intends to purchase nuclear-generated electricity from its rival EDF for the price as low as 35 euros per MWh, if the law forces EDF to sell a quarter of its nuclear power production.

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