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Spain appears to break EU’s Russian coal import embargo

There is convincing evidence that a cargo of Russia-origin coal may have been exported to Spain, thereby undermining an ongoing embargo on Russian coal imports imposed last summer, according to a Montel investigation.

read more... 28/04/2023


Bulgaria risks €10 billion over coal addiction

Bulgaria risks losing €10 billion as politicians continue to be reluctant to carry out reforms for the Green Transition, a move that would ensure Bulgaria continues to produce polluting and expensive electricity from coal and stays uncompetitive.

read more... 07/04/2023


Poland to spend big on power grid to meet renewables goals

Poland will need a huge upgrade of its power grids to cope with the transmission of energy from renewable and nuclear sources, a top official said on Monday, as the country set out an energy strategy that will see it shift away from fossil fuels.

read more... 04/04/2023


Britain considers coal power back-up for next winter - National Grid

Britain is considering keeping some coal plants available for back-up power to ensure sufficient electricity supplies for next winter, National Grid said on Wednesday but plant operators said they are unlikely to be able to meet the request.

read more... 16/03/2023


Britain uses coal-power back up for the first time with supply tight

Britain's National Grid called on reserve coal-power units for the first time to provide electricity during a period of expected tight supplies on Tuesday as a cold snap sweeps the country.

read more... 08/03/2023