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EDF: gas plant and wind farm officially opened in Britain

EDF had inaugurated its West Burton combined cycle gas turbine power station and its Teesside offshore wind farm in Britain, according to company’s declaration.

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EDF UK: returns on nuclear agreement likely to be much higher than usual

The EDF’s first nuclear reactor in Britain might generate for the French utility and the investors two-decade profits, supported by government, expected to be much higher than returns from other projects, as stated in a report.

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Italy’s Edison in negotiations to acquire two Israeli gas fields

Edison, Italian utility owned by EDF France, is in negotiations to acquire the Tanin and Karish gas fields offshore Israel from Delek Drilling and Noble Energy, U.S. explorer, at a total capacity of about 70 billion cubic metres, according to two sources familiar with company’s plans.

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France: EDF to shut down oil-fired plants for half a year

EDF French group will shut down its oil-fired plants for half a year starting from April, taking offline a power capacity of 5,000 MW, because the plants turned out to be uncompetitive among huge overcapacities in the European electricity sector.

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EDF Energy generated its highest amount of nuclear power in UK in 8 years

The French state-controlled company EDF Energy has announced that last year it has generated its highest amount of nuclear power in the UK for the last eight years, increasing its earnings by 1.4 per cent to £1.69bn from £1.67 in 2012, driven by the performance of its eight nuclear power stations. According to the company’s annual results, the nuclear power output rose by 0.5 TWh attaining 60.5 TWh in 2013.

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