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EDF Energy generated its highest amount of nuclear power in UK in 8 years

The French state-controlled company EDF Energy has announced that last year it has generated its highest amount of nuclear power in the UK for the last eight years, increasing its earnings by 1.4 per cent to £1.69bn from £1.67 in 2012, driven by the performance of its eight nuclear power stations. According to the company’s annual results, the nuclear power output rose by 0.5 TWh attaining 60.5 TWh in 2013.

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France pledges to restrict EDF utility hikes in 2015-18

France wants to restrict state-controlled utility EDF's regulated electricity tariff increases between 2% and 3% per year or less per year over the period 2015-2018, which would see a new calculation method to take effect, said an official source in the Elysée Palace.

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European Commission to launch a formal investigation into Hinkley Point nuclear deal

A deal between the UK government and French energy giant EDF to build two nuclear plants at Hinkley Point in Somerset could be put under threat by the European Commission as it will open a formal investigation into British government subsidies that breach European competition rules.

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Hinkley Point deal uncertain, once again

The European Union is likely to open an official inquiry into whether the Hinkley Point nuclear deal breaks the EU rules on competition. Britain in October signed a deal with EDF to build a nuclear plant at Hinkley Point in southwest England and became the first European country to offer a guaranteed power price over 35 years for a new nuclear project. Britain has said it is confident it will get clearance, but a formal European Commission probe could take years, throwing uncertainty over the nation's plans.

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EDF Energy the last to announce energy prices increases by 3.9%

EDF Energy has become the latest energy company to increase prices for its British customers, unveiling an average price increase of 3.9% on its dual tariff, warning that further increases may occur unless the government does not curb fees for social and environmental work.

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