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France: EDF envisages a 5% increase in power tariffs in August

The French government has allowed French state-controlled power utility Electricite de France (EDF) to increase its electricity tariffs for residential consumers by 5% in August, and by the same share in August next year, citing recent increases of the company's production costs.

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UK unveils GBP 10 billion of financial guarantees for Hinkley Point nuclear reactor

The UK government has announced its initiative to encourage investment in nuclear power by offering 10 billion pounds (GBP) (15.2 billion US dollars, 11.6 billion euros) of financial guarantees to French generator EDF for the construction of a new nuclear plant at Hinkley Point.

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EDF may erase hopes of new nuclear power plants in UK

The U.K. government is seeking to restore nuclear energy as part of a program to limit its carbon emissions and has been in talks with French state-controlled EDF, the world's largest nuclear operator, to build as many as four new reactors.

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EDF gets green light for the construction of Hinkley Point C nuclear reactor

The French energy major EDF got green light from UK’s energy secretary on Tuesday to build the nation’s first new nuclear power station at in Somerset in almost 20 years.

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EDF and UK to sign a 35-year nuclear deal

UK is planning to close a 35-year deal with French major energy group EDF which will allow the French energy utility to start building the country’s new generation of nuclear power plants.

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